I Forgot To Love My Father Announces New Single and Tape

IFTLMF at Vega

Photo by Syd Svec

I Forgot To Love My Father‘s appearance on KZUM’s Hear Nebraska FM was a milestone of sorts for the once solo project. It marked the first time the band has been apart of a session type of performance, as well as the christening of a “full on rock-n-roll” band. “We are super stoked to be able to have some recorded music that represents us as the body that we are now,” frontman JP Davis said. “It’s hefty stuff.”

(Video via Hear Nebraska)

While on the air, the band played four songs live — which included three brand new songs — and received kind words from host, Andrew Stellmon, about the band’s new sound. With the help of Andrew Dickinson, Lindsey Yoneda, Aaron Lee, and Metal Sean, the band was able to capture all four songs and a video for their new single, “A Blues Song.”

“A Blues Song” was written in admiration of an old friend from Alabama. People were always telling him to go bus tables or go punch numbers, but instead he just did whatever he wanted,” JP said. “I’ve always admired that about him, and he’s still going strong making it through life without coming even close to bussing a table.”

The Live at Hear Nebraska FM release will be limited to only 100 copies and will be available later this year. Until then, the band’s new single is available for free on their Bandcamp.

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