Confidence From A Familiar Place


Photo by Brown Bear Creative

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, there’s a good chance you’ve passed right on by the sleepy town of Normal, Illinois. While it’s skyline is not as great as the Windy City’s or it’s pizza not as deep, it’s home to a DIY music scene that gave the members of Mighty Ships the confidence to follow their musical passion.

Mighty Ships — a self-titled, mini documentary about the band — allows viewers a first hand look into some of Normal’s hotspots. In the documentary, frontman Tyler Bachman and drummer Charlie Morrison tour the town they once called home and offer recommendations on some must see sites, including La Bamba’s Mexican Sushi.

(Documentary Produced by Eric Hanson)

When it comes down to it, the documentary’s main purpose is to enlighten fans on a significant part of the band’s history. “Bloomington-Normal shaped us as individuals, and continues to do so even though none of us live there anymore,” Bachman said. “The friends we’ve made there gave us confidence to make our record. We continue to carry this confidence with us as we go out and play shows outside of the confines of this town.”

Mighty Ships released their first record — The Coastal Midwest — via We’re Trying Records at the end of September. Download a copy of this album from their Bandcamp.

***This video would not have been possible without Eric Hanson (producer of the documentary), Waiting Room Records, La Bamba, Josh Kayne (Pine-U.S.), Mike Paradiso (City Mouth), and the live show shots from the Bowling and BillIards Center.***

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