Home Run Calls and Lo-Fi Tapes

Since Super Ghost splashed onto the scene in 2014, fans of the post-rock quartet have been patiently waiting for the band’s first EP — McFly — which is not set to be released until early 2016. But as the guys finish their album, we can rejoice and indulge in their latest release: Sultan of Swat: Lo-Fi Tape #1.

As the title suggests, Sultan of Swat: Lo-Fi Tape #1 is the first in a series of limited lo-fi tapes being released from the typically post-rock group. “The reason we made a lo-fi tape is because it’s one of our favorite genres, and we enjoy hearing songs that aren’t processed or produced. It’s cool that even if someone didn’t use the best mics, didn’t mix it, or didn’t master it, it can still give just as big of an emotional response,” said frontman Jake Newbold.

The unique title of the album coincides with Newbold’s childhood obsession with Babe Ruth and the approach the band is taking to maturing as musicians. “Growing up, I was obsessed with Babe Ruth,” Newbold explained. “I feel like right now as a band we’re walking up to the plate, pointing up at the sky, and calling where we’re going to hit the ball to.”

There are only 40 tapes available, all of which can be purchased at Super Ghost shows. If you’re into digital downloads, you can find all of the tracks on group’s Bandcamp.

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