Tasteful Bolo Ties: I Forgot To Love My Father Releases ‘Live on HNFM’

We’re Trying Records and I Forgot To Love My Father release to the masses, Live on HNFM. This cassette is compiled of the four live songs the band performed on Hear Nebraska FM back in October. The live session was a milestone for I Forgot To Love My Father as it ushered in their hefty rock sound, which accurately depicts the band’s current state and also, sets them apart from their once acoustic existence.

A roar of screeching guitars opens the cassette as frontman JP Davis describes a good friend from Alabama that is/always will kick ass at life in “A Blues Song.” From there, the EP hits the listener with a curveball as the band goes country with “Country Boy’s Love Tune: The Ballad of Jacob Zlomke,” and ends with a few edgy bummer jams from the early writings of the band.

HNFM Tape, Front, and Back

Cover art by Zoe Allaire

“The tape has no pattern lyrically. It’s basically covers missing friends, reliving our Hot Topic days, and our friend Jacob’s tasteful bolo ties,” Davis said. “We just wanted a collection of songs that describe our current sound.”

Live on HNFM is limited to 100 tapes and is available at our store or downloadable for free at I Forgot To Love My Father’s Bandcamp. You can also grab a copy this Friday when they play The Ambulanter’s EP Release Show along with Better Friend and This Machine Kills Vibes.

Get your copy today!

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