New Hope: Marrowstone Joins We’re Trying; Releases ‘Dear Wolf’


The We’re Trying family is getting a little bigger! We’re pleased to announce the addition of Tacoma, WA’s alternative emo trio, Marrowstone.

Spawning from a pop punk band called Hold Fast, Marrowstone was a fresh start for frontman Zach Baker. “Once Legacy [Bonner] and Dylan [Thomas] joined, our sound became were questioning how it was even the same band,” Baker said. “So, we dropped the pop punk and became what Marrowstone is today.”

Along with their signing, Marrowstone is releasing their first EP Dear Wolf via We’re Trying Records. This EP has been over a year in the making and delivers a five song, first hand look into Baker’s deep depression through lyrical imagery based on the Pacific Northwest. “It was a tough time in my life. I was dealing with losing a friend to drugs and just begging God to keep the fire in me from going out,” Baker said. “As a group, we want this EP to demonstrate how we can move forward from our illnesses and provide help to others that might feel hopeless.”

Two songs that particularly stick out are the opening track “A Time to Think and Heal,” and the title track, “Dear Wolf.” From the driving guitar at the beginning to the exasperating pleas at the end, “A Time to Think and Heal” wastes no time. “This track [A Time to Think and Heal] really dives into self worth and how we each work to discover ours,” Baker said. Throughout the song, you can hear the discussions between the band and God, begging him to keep the fire within them going. This cry for help isn’t as self centered as it might seem. As Baker explained, the desire to be content as individuals so that we can help others feel less alone during their time of need.

“Dear Wolf” is a testament that depression can take many forms. The title track starts with Liam Neeson cursing the heavens after all of his comrades have died. He breaks down and desperately begs, “show me something real, show me and I’ll believe in you until the day that I die.” “The intro into ‘Dear Wolf’ is sort of ironic,” Baker said. “In my dreams and for days on end, I would see this wolf and would be confused by what was going on. Eventually, I realized that he represented this depression that I was experiencing.” The wolf was significant for Baker, but all members of the group were experiencing their own personal struggles. As each fought through their illnesses and struggles, their wolfs went away and turned into new hope for each.

Download “Dear Wolf” and the rest of the EP for free on Marrowstone’s Bandcamp. It will also be available via cassette in the coming weeks.


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