Marrowstone EP “Dear Wolf,” Available on Now

Towards the the end of May, We’re Trying Records and Tacoma, WA’s Marrowstone collectively released the band’s debut EP, Dear Wolf,. Today, we’re excited to make this emotional EP available on cassette!

Taking over a year to craft, Dear Wolf, delivers a five song, first hand look into frontman Zach Baker’s deep depression through lyrical imagery based on the Pacific Northwest. “It was a tough time in my life. I was dealing with losing a friend to drugs and just begging God to keep the fire in me from going out,” Baker said. “As a group, we wanted this EP to demonstrate how we can move forward from our illnesses and provide help to others that might feel hopeless.”

With a driving guitar and exasperating pleas, the tape wastes no time as it opens up with “A Time to Think and Heal” — a song heavily dedicated to discovering one’s self worth and how individuals can work to find our own. Throughout the remaining four tracks, listeners will venture with the band through their lowest moments until the final track, “The Sound” — a resounding message of hope. “No matter how much I may have hurt, it’s not the end for me,” Baker said. “And no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how big the wave is, it wont drown us.”

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Dear Wolf, is limited to 50 tapes and is available at our store or downloadable for free at Marrowstone’s Bandcamp. Tapes will also be available at any live shows these talented humans play!

Get your hands on one today!

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