Kidlat Punch & The Smile Bunch Release Split; Proceeds Go to SAFE

Oh boy, oh boy! It’s finally here! Austin, TX’s very own sloppy, punk babes Kidlat Punch and The Smile Bunch are ready to share with the world The Bunch Punch EP. This four-song split offers up two new songs from each band, and features two different approaches to a similar style.


Photo by Calvin Walker

For “Intro” and “Instrumental,” The Smile Bunch took a minimalistic approach. “You can obviously see what we were going for through the title of the songs,” joked Logan Burroughs, guitarist for The Smile Bunch. “Listeners will notice we only use 13 words total in Intro, and we never step out of the major scale for Instrumental, which is odd for that type of track.” These simple approaches come together nicely, as the EP opens with some hefty guitar parts paired with a few eerie, harmonious vocals.

“Instrumental” holds a major place in Burroughs’ heart despite its simple tendencies. “When I was 17, I wanted to give my mom a Christmas gift that was worth more than money,” he said. “My songwriting ability wasn’t quite developed enough for me to add lyrics, but the acoustic rendition still had a major impact.”

Kidlat Punch decided to dive into the struggles of coming of age with their two songs, “Lavender” and “Foxpaws.” “For me, Lavender represents that specific feeling you get when you know your life is about to change,” said Alex Villarreal, guitarist and vocalist for Kidlat Punch. “You drink to offset this change, but you know it’s inevitable.”

“Foxpaws” takes a similar stance, but offers up a hopeful ending. “There’s a point in life where you take look around and you’re not where you thought you would be,” Kidlat Punch guitarist and vocalist Josh Palacios said. “This song demonstrates both, the want and reluctancy, of continuing the path your on and knowing you’ll still be happy.”

All proceeds of the album will be donated to SAFE Austin – an organization devoted to ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse and domestic violence through prevention, intervention and advocacy for change. “Any DIY band wants to see their scene grow and prosper,” says Villarreal. “And whether you like it or not, that scene is the community you live and thrive in. Giving back is one important way to help give everyone in the community an opportunity to strive.”

Grab your copy of The Bunch Punch EP on Kidlat Punch’s and The Smile Bunch’s Bandcamps today!

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