Justifying Your Own Behavior: Kidlat Punch Releases New Single

Reflection is an art form. It’s easy for one to become prideful about how far they’ve come, but takes an entirely different effort to own up to one’s mistakes. Kidlat Punch walks this fine line in their new song Where We End Up.

“Where We End Up was one of the most difficult and darkest songs I’ve ever written” Kidlat Punch guitarist/vocalist Alex Villarreal said. “At a certain age you look around and notice how far ahead the people in your life are ahead of you, and you also notice the people that you’ve had to leave behind.”

Throughout the song, Villarreal rehashes life events with an “unknown listener” – late night drives past the 107 or having conversations about God – almost begging them to remember just to have a sense of connection. Bassist/vocalist Olivia DeBeck adds to the conversation, but with a slight hesitation. She breaks through, eventually, and provides the close, vulnerable conversation this listener is looking for.

“You look at yourself and question the role you played in their life. Did you help them? Did you hurt them? You may never really know the answers, and just hope the weight of guilt you carry from it will justify your own self-destructive behavior.”

Stream Where We End Up on Spotify or download for free on Kidlat Punch’s Bandcamp! Also, catch the band in the flesh with I See Land. this Friday in San Marcos. RSVP here.

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