Your Typical Emo Shit || I See Land. Releases “I’ll Probably Die Here”


We’re Trying Records is proud to release I See Land.‘s second EP I’ll Probably Die Here. They emotive hardcore band’s latest album follows in the familiar footsteps of their previous release by continuing the theme of coping with mental illness.

“The songs are centered on trying to deal with one’s depression and anxiety, and just as much is about feelings of solitude… You know, typical emo shit,” said vocalist/guitarist Austin Schaffer. “We hope listeners connect with the music on an emotional and intellectual level, and understand that they should not be ashamed of these types of emotions.”

The band’s first single from the EP – “A&P” – sheds light on the loneliness and solitude of each band member. The single is riddled with a host of dream-hardcore motifs that are paired with lyrics of wanting to improve oneself, but never being able to do so due to a constant state of self loathing. This pessimistic point of view is never broken, and listeners will hear a message of giving up and continuing with life despite feeling hopeless.

I See Land.’s I’ll Probably Die Here available through Spotify, and download the EP in its entirety on Bandcamp.

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