Summer Slam II: We’re Nothing Without Everybody


We’re Trying Records and Tiny Table Talks are proud to present the second annual Summer Slam series! Each show of series will take place every Thursday from June 29 to July 20, and feature 12 of the region’s best, up-and-coming bands.

“This series is always an undertaking, but it’s worth it every time,” said We’re Trying’s managing director Jordan Hiebner. “I’ve met some of my favorite people and bands because of last year’s series, and I hope others will do the same this year.”

From a performer’s standpoint, the series offers bands a chance to hear and play with other bands they normally don’t interact with. “Summer Slam is such a fun way to showcase all the underground acts in and around Austin,” said Kidlat Punch – who are playing the Summer Slam for the second year in a row. “The best part was seeing so many amazing bands that we hadn’t heard of before, but becoming big fans of!”

Along with the city’s best jams, Summer Slam II will provide articles and videos – specifically tailored to each band – with the idea that the ever-evolving local DIY community will come together to create a positive impact.

“Far too often in our scene, we see a lot of negativity come from people who choose to make terrible decisions that involve other members of the community,” added Megan Cisneros – co-founder of Tiny Table Talks. “These situations are causing our scene to shrink, and we think it’s time to clear the air and bring people together by putting on short, sweet shows.”

The series starts June 29 at the Swan Dive with Kidlat Punch, The Smile Bunch, and Better Now, while the rest of the lineups can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

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