The Way Out Signs to We’re Trying; New Album This Fall

IMG_3103 copy

We’re Trying Records is proud to announce the addition of The Way Out – an indie/emo rock band from Ashland, Nebraska – to its roster!

The Way Out began forming in 2012 when – then middle schoolers – Levi Hagen and Mari Crisler used rehearsing shotty Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana covers to escape the qualms of life. Despite several guitarists and numerous name changes, the two stuck together and found the current lineup with the Reed Tiwald and Nick Ulrich. The band’s creative concoction of influences and ability to seamlessly interchange instruments amongst themselves  mid-set has led to their distinct sound.

The band’s unique style of play can be heard on their debut release Good Grief. This EP is an emotional jigsaw puzzle that pieces together the secret story of an intra-band relationship. Set to a multitude of shoegazy-emo rifts, each song progressively pieces together the cycle of young love from fireworks, to emotional struggles, and to, ultimately, cutting ties – all of which can be seen in the video for “Nerves.”

“After all those years of struggling to write and not having a solid lineup, Good Grief was a breath of fresh air and gave the whole project a new sense of meaning,” said Levi Hagen, vocalist, guitarist, and drummer for the band. “We were glad to take that collection of songs, that story, and give everyone a peek into what we were trying to do as a band as we continued to refine our skills and songwriting.”

Good Grief has no doubt set the bar high for The Way Out, but the band aims to surpass their initial success as they begin recording next week with Lincoln-native engineer/producer Jeremy Wurst. Their first full-length album is set to be released this fall, and the band can be seen at this year’s Lincoln Calling with label mates I Forgot To Love My Father.

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