Runt. Signs to We’re Trying; Simplicity and Self-Care Subjugate Debut Single “Here’s Some Space”


The We’re Trying Records family is getting a little bigger, as we’re happy to announce the signing of Runt. – an emo rock trio from Chicago.

Runt. is the brain child of lead singer Jay Pankiewicz, which was developed as an outlet to create music when he had trouble writing consistently. “I felt stuck and wanted to try something different from a musical standpoint,” said Jay. So the songwriter took real life events – touring, coming of age, homelessness – spiced them up a little, and transformed them into Runt.’s first EP Good and Loud.

From this EP comes Runt.’s debut single “Here’s Some Space,” where listeners will hear Jay fumble through small talk with a former lover all the while desperately trying to convince them that he has changed. After repeated failed attempts, Jay realizes he shouldn’t need to change who he is at his core to be with someone and, instead, begs them to just forget him completely. “Here’s Some Space” drives home the message that self-care should come before anyone and anything.

“I hope people will recognize the simplicity behind the sound, and the story beneath the lyrics” Jay added. “Here’s Some Space” is out now via Bandcamp and all streaming platforms, while Good and Loud will be released in its entirety on August 31.

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