The Way Out Debuts “Cops” in a Mischievous New Video

We’re excited (and eager) to share with you The Way Out‘s brand new music video for “Cops” – the band’s first single from their debut LP Automatic Writing.

From speeding and faulty headlights, to getting tickets and even getting their van searched for illicit substances – of which there were none – the band has had their fair share of interactions with the police. With a sense youthful defiance and surfer-punk(ish) guitar riffs, The Way Out takes these instances and produces a catchy single with “Cops.”

“The idea behind “Cops” came about after pulling up to our gig on tour in Jacksonville, IL, where a police car was parked in the driveway, lights flashing,” said lead singer/bassist Mari Crisler.

“The cop talked to us about noise complaints and warned us about stopping the show, but we played our set nonetheless,” added Crisler. “Along with these experiences, the single alludes to other miscellaneous aspects of youth, such as infatuation and mid-semester blues.”

Viewers will witness a pleasant mix of animation and green screen live shots, each giving a sense of joyful adolescence and defiance while still offering a fun and entertaining experience.

The band’s first LP Automatic Writing will be released on September 9.

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