Defiant of the Devine; Runt. Releases Debut EP


Photo by Lars Juveland

We’re excited to announce the release of Runt.‘s debut EP “Good and Loud” – a three-song recollection about progress and the ability to depend on yourself.

Good and Loud begins with the recently released single “Here’s Some Space,” where listeners will hear lead singer Jay Pankiewicz fumble through small talk with a former lover all the while desperately trying to convince them that he has changed. After repeated failed attempts, Jay realizes he shouldn’t need to change who he is at his core to be with someone and, instead, begs them to just forget him completely.

Audiences will feel moments of clarity as EP finishes with “Blood Pact” and “Better.” Runt. hits hard in these final tracks with lyrics like “God condems us sinners, for just about anything,” and “I felt it was fitting, you’d bail on the goodbye” as Jay begins to understand that the divine can’t take care of him, but has to rely on himself to do it. This feeling is part of the EP long theme of touring, coming of age, and homelessness – experiences which have been felt first hand.

“I want the simplicity behind the sound and the story beneath the lyrics to stand out to anyone who listens to it,” said Jay. “Most importantly, I want to drive home the message that self-care should come before anyone and anything.”

Stream Good and Loud here.

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