The Way Out Uses Freudian Technique in New Album “Automatic Writing”

Only weeks after The Way Out‘s release of their new music video for “Cops,” the band is excited to share with you their debut LP Automatic Writing – a subconscious focus on growth.

“When writing the album, we often used automatic writing (ergo the title), a Freudian technique through which one writes without using the conscious mind, by just letting their pen move at the whim of their subconscious,” said lead singer/bassist Mari Crisler. “Automatic Writing is a collection of songs about perspective-altering experiences that focus on growth, while our previous EP – Good Grief – was largely about a relationship.”

Despite the change in message, fans of The Way Out will notice a slight continuation from EP to album in a few different ways. “The most literal continuation between the albums is between “Top Down” on the EP and “Conspiracy Theories” on the album, both of which recount the same day through different perspectives,” added guitarist/vocalist Levi Hagen. “We wanted Automatic Writing to be both a continuation of, and a maturation from Good Grief.”

The first single from the album – “Cops” – provides audiences with a sense youthful defiance aset to surfer-punk(ish) guitar riffs, and alludes to other miscellaneous aspects of youth, such as infatuation and mid-semester blues. Viewers will witness a pleasant mix of animation and green screen live shots, each giving a sense of joyful adolescence and defiance while still offering a fun and entertaining experience.

Automatic Writing is now available, via We’re Trying Records.

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