Inaugural H*ck Fest Announced by We’re Trying Records and Tiny Table Talks

After months planning, we’re excited to finally announce the inaugural H*ck Fest – hosted by yours truly and our friends Tiny Table Talks.

H*ck Fest will be taking place on November 4 from 2p to midnight, and incorporate 15 bands from all over the great state of Texas. The one of the main objectives of this festival is to create a positive atmosphere  “For the longest time, we’ve wanted to do a festival” said Tiny Table Talks Co-Founder Megan Cisneros. “We’ve wanted to create a space where like minded individuals can come together, hear new bands, and get a great shared experience overall. H*ck Fest will definitely provide all of these aspects.”

H*ck Fest Poster

Hand-in-hand with creating a positive atmosphere, H*ck Fest also aims to build up the regional DIY scene . “A major belief in what we do is to leave every community and scene that we inhabit better off than when we found it,” added We’re Trying Records managing director Jordan Hiebner. “Bringing these bands – and their fans – together will help create closer regional community and, hopefully, lead to more bands playing outside their local scenes to different audiences.”

Again, H*ck Fest is taking place on November 4 in Austin, Texas. We are stoked to enjoy a full day of music with so many wonderful people. We hope to see you there!

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