Marrowstone Releases “The River”, and Offers a Change of Heart

The River - Marrowstone

After much anticipation, we’re eager to share with you Marrowstone‘s “The River” – the first single from the band’s upcoming EP The Heavens, Earth and Sea.

As a whole, “The River” is a desire to escape the comfortable settings of home, and expresses how the gloom and greyscale of Washington state continues to have a dramatic affect on the band’s feelings towards each one of their own lives. “We wanted to make ‘The River’ about those “sometimes” moments we encounter in life,” guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Hinchey said. “It captures those sudden urges I – and many others – have to escape from the four corners of the houses we sleep in, and ask the questions we have about life in general.”

The lyrics “my heart is stained in this same routine” perfectly epitomizes the jaded feelings frontman Zach Baker has towards society, and the selfishness and judgmental actions he has seen develop within himself. Zach’s exasperating cries heard throughout the song depicts a desire for a change of heart and perspective, and a want to exercise giving love to those who have hurt him. “The River” serves as a timekeeper for a place and season that’s already passed, and makes listeners cherish their current situation.

Stream/grab your copy of “The River” today, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for The Heavens, Earth and Sea – which will be available on February 22.

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