Finding Life in Death; Marrowstone Releases New Video For “Life”

Screenshot 2018-02-07 21.32.21Only weeks after the release of Marrowstone‘s new music video for “The River,” the band is excited to share with you another video for “Life” – their second single off of the upcoming EP The Heavens, Earth and Sea.

Contrary to what to the title of the track, “Life” is more about facing death and finding a release through self-destruction. “The lyrics to ‘Life’ are all about feelings I had and actions I wanted to take when I saw people close to me harming themselves,” frontman Zach Baker said. “It was a time in my life where death felt like the only way out.”

“This song is personal to me because Zach wrote about an experience he had watching me self-destruct and spiral during a dark time in my life,” added guitarist/vocalist Luke Ryder. “And when we first played the song, it felt like a huge weight was lifted.”

The opposing elements of hardcore vocals and softer instrumentals helps deliver the overall message of growing as a person during the dark points in life. “I hope that anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, and feeling suicidal can find rest in knowing that they’re are not alone,” added Zach. “It’s about finding life in moments of feeling death.”


The single and video for “Life” is available now through all digital/streaming platforms, and The Heavens, Earth and Sea will be out on February 22.

While you’re at it, remember to stream the first single “The River”.

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