Marrowstone Releases Sophomore EP “The Heavens, Earth and Sea”


Today, we finally get to share with you Marrowstone‘s sophomore EP The Heavens, Earth and Sea – a five song coping mechanism for heartache.

The band’s second EP is a chronicle of the group’s individual struggles between 2016 and 2017. Each member fought through different personal and family issues but all felt hopeless and alone. Most notably, frontman Zach Baker and guitarist/vocalist Gabe Hinchey having to watch their family and friends fight through drug addiction played a major part throughout the writing process.  “Watching someone so close to you fight for their life takes a toll on you,” said frontman Zach Baker. “I’d constantly wondered if he would survive and tried my best to cope with suicidal thoughts, seek help, and find a comfortable living environment for myself.”

The opening track “I Still Can’t Believe The View From Up Here” offers listeners a glimmer of hope right off the bat. It describes a place that depicts a heaven-esque landscape and a yearning for memories that are long gone.

The Heavens, Earth and Sea takes a slight one-eighty as the following tracks like “Life” and “The River” dive deeper into finding a escape from the ordinary and facing death through self-destruction. The opposing elements of hardcore vocals and softer instrumentals continues to help deliver the overall message of growing as a person during the dark points in life. “Wild Flower” caps it all off by saying goodbye to it all, and ends the emotional nose dive with an empty happiness and sting of separation.

“The EP is a book about hope,” added guitarist/vocalist Luke Ryder. “It’s about knowing how to be honest with yourself, allowing yourself to heal, and being accepting of the waves that come throughout our lives.”

The Heavens, Earth and Sea is out now! Make sure to grab your physical copy at any upcoming Marrowstone show.

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