Fluctuating Between Self-Loathing and Self-Loving; Treehouses Release “ROSES”


On the last day of summer in the southern hemisphere, it’s only appropriate that we release a video that captures the essence of the season. Treehouses’ – our folk-emo friends from Australia – video for “ROSES” is just that, but with a little twist.

Over their last three releases – including “ROSES” – the band’s writing process has been more collaborative with most – if not all – of the writing happening while all members are present. “It’s a great situation that all of us are songwriters allowing each of us to write out own lyrics,” said vocalist/bassist Fiz Eustance. “This has the chance to lead to a song with no overacting theme or direction, but as we write while in the company of each other it seems to work.”

The video and song themselves bring together each member’s unique parts to form a nostalgic tune that deals with tough emotions. As mentioned before, the 28th of February is the last day of summer in Australia. The yearning for past years is almost palpable for viewers as the video for “ROSES” tries to capture the light, sounds, smells, and trains-of-thoughts of a particular moment in time, but also – in some way – feel comforted by these memories.

“I’d say in a lot of ways, ‘ROSES’ is about how difficult it feels to put yourself in front of the people you care about most, but how necessary this is – hence the line I’m sorry if I leave you,” said guitarist Ethan Reed. “How strange it feels to see yourself drifting apart from someone you love; how easy it can be to fluctuate between self-loathing and self-loving.”

Add “ROSES” to all of your favorite YouTube playlists, and also stream it here.

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