It’s Okay, You’re Allowed to Cry: Treehouses Release New Cassingle

Regret and heartache are relentless reminders of our flaws and short comings, which we desperately want to change just for another glimpse at a previous love. Treehouses dives head first into a monologue of rambling heartache with double-single release of “COPING/ACKNOWLEDGE ME”. It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry.

  1. “COPING”

“COPING” is the stream of consciousness ramblings of heartache and regret. The combination of sweet folk melodies and raw emotion will get you through the hard times. It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry. The intimate music video – previously released –  to accompany the release shows Treehouses’ dedication to sad tunes, cutting between shots of vocalist Tim Mead hand-poke tattooing the song title on his chest and the band passionately playing through the song in a cramped, stone walled room.


“ACKNOWLEDGE ME” is an unreserved exploration of contradictions within relationships and longing for recognition as an individual. “ACKNOWLEDGE ME” picks up where “COPING” left off, showcasing Treehouses’ musical breath and unique approach to songwriting.


Grab your own physical copy of “COPING/ACKNOWLEDGE ME” here, and stream it at your convenience.

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