An Ode to Screamo; I See Land. Release Two New Tracks


A year after releasing “I’ll Probably Die Here.”, Austin, Texas’, screamo band I See Land. is back with two new singles. Each track represents a year of individual challenges and pays tribute to screamo bands of the past while demonstrating the band’s unique style.

The first single – “Empath” – from their upcoming self-titled album features layers upon layers of various instrumentals that create an atmosphere of melodic uncertainty. “‘Empath’ came together fairly quickly,” said frontman Austin Schaffer. “We really wanted to the listener to gain a perspective of what it’s like to live in a hazy state of being medicated in the name of mental stability.”


While it’s themes are very similar to those of “Empath,” “Heat Death of the Universe” is a bit of different story. The second single is an ode to classic screamo, but has the band’s personal twist of melodic vocal instrumentals paired with harsh vocals. “This turned out to be our favorite song on the LP, which is ironic considering the fact that we gave up on it several times,” added guitarist John Cook. “We feel like we fit a lot of dynamics and musical motifs into a song that is only 2 minutes long.”

Stream “Empath” and “Heat Death of the Universe” here, and be on the look out for the self-titled full length on July 20.

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