Convenient, trash. Signs to We’re Trying; Releases Two Spicy Singles


Lansing, Michigan’s, indie/punk band – Convenient, trash. – is joining the We’re Trying Records family and we couldn’t be more excited!

Convenient, trash. was developed as a way for close friends to hang out and just have fun playing music. “We’ve gotten more serious lately, but we still strive to have as much fun as possible,” said frontman Logan Boyle. “I think it shows throughout our writing and during every show we play.”

The band made their debut with their very personal, self-titled album in 2016. Convenient, trash. wrenched on listener’s hearts as it was composed of songs that were written about family issues and questions we all ask ourselves. After a short hiatus, Convenient, trash. is making a comeback with a fresh, 10 song LP – Pooch.

Along with the signing and album announcement, Convenient, trash. is also releasing two, spicy singles –  “Bernard Actually Did Go To The Farm” and “Separation Anxiety”. The latter is a big one for the group, and dives head first into impending life changes.

“I wrote ‘Separation Anxiety’ when I started to notice myself being bummed when hanging out with a group of people that I care about,” added Logan. “The only thing on my mind during these interactions was how there’s going to come a day when we can’t get together. People move, get married, start having a different life and sometimes you just don’t see them as much as you used to. It was a really bad habit and has been something I’ve tried to been very conscious of.”

Pooch will be hitting the internet on July 27, but until then, indulge yourself in dad rock vibes with “Bernard Actually Did Go To The Farm” and “Separation Anxiety”.

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