Convenient, trash. Faces Anxiety Head On with New Album “Pooch”


After two years of waiting, Convenient, trash. is happy to share with you their second LP Pooch – 10 tracks focused on the anxiety of growing up and change.

The band’s second LP was written over the course of the last year after losing three of the four original members. “Within this last month I met Keith, Blake and Dalton, all of whom have been integral to finishing and making this album what it is,” said frontman Logan Boyle. “We have worked very hard on it and hope that it is well received.”

So far, three singles – “Separation Anxiety”, “Bernard Actually Did Go To The Farm”, and “Oh How The Turn Tables” – have been released from the album. Each one helps shape the overall theme of the album by focusing on losing touch with friends and facing our self-destructive tendencies head on.

“This record is 100% a personal record. This last year has been a very big year for me, and the songs reflect that,” added Boyle.

Stream Pooch almost anywhere your heart desires.

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