Am I Doing This Right?; Arizona Landmine/Camp Life Release Split


“Am I doing this right?” is a common question asked during young adulthood. With social media at our 

finger tops and little guidance, we often compare our everyday lives to those around us and are left feeling shorthanded, insufficient, and – somewhat – worthless.

Arizona Landmine/Camp Life’s Split delivers four songs that deal with these anxieties and help you accept the good/bad parts of your being. Don’t worry your pretty head… let them do it for you.

The split quickly came together after Camp Life made a tour stop in Ames, Iowa, and played a show with Arizona Landmine. “We booked the gig and Camp Life ripped,” said Arizona Landmine vocalist Griffen Clark. “After seeing them play, we knew there was something special about the band.”

The same sentiment was reciprocated from Camp Life’s Nick Lauve. “I really dig Arizona Landmine and their music,” said Nick. “Their side of the split is great, and I’m really stoked with how the whole thing turned out.”

The first two singles – “Glow Up” and “Thrasher Hat” – touch on different coming of age topics. Arizona Landmine’s “Glow Up” encourages listeners to discover the good and bad parts about themselves, while Camp Life’s “Thrasher Hat” urges them to not compare their lives to that of their friends.

Arizona Landmine and Camp Life’s Split is now available here.

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