1,095 Days of Trying; Happy Birthday to Us

Another year has come and gone for us at We’re Trying Records, and needless to say we’re still that dinky little label who is working feverishly – and nervously – to support our artists, other DIY artists, and the surrounding community. While Google has still been our prime source of knowledge in everything we do, we feel like we’ve given the ol’ college try once again.

The third year of our existence was chock full of killer tunes with six EP/LPs, tasty shows, and wonderful humans as we expanded our reach over seas. To get a sense of what we’ve exactly done throughout the year, peep this thrown together recap:


Convenient, trash.

I See Land.



Super Ghost

Super Ghost

I Forgot To Love My Father

Kidlat Punch

Mighty Ships

The Way Out

The Way Out


-The Way Out — “Automatic Writing” (WTR008)
The first release of our third year came from The Way Out in the form of “Automatic Writing”. The band produced this 10 song knee slapper using automatic writing – a Freudian technique through which one writes without using the conscious mind, by just letting their pen move at the whim of their subconscious. The collection of songs are about perspective-altering experiences that focus on growth, while on their previous EP – Good Grief – was largely about a relationship.

-Marrowstone — “The Heaves, Earth and Sea” (WTR009)
Tacoma’s very own released their sophomore EP The Heavens, Earth and Sea –  a chronicle of the group’s individual struggles between 2016 and 2017. Each member fought through different personal and family issues, but all felt hopeless and alone. The EP consists of opposing hardcore vocals and softer instrumentals that help deliver the overall message of growing as a person during the dark points in life.

-Treehouses — “COPING/ACKNOWLEDGE ME” (WTR010)
Regret and heartache are relentless reminders of our flaws and short comings, which we desperately want to change just for another glimpse at a previous love. Treehouses dove head first into a monologue of rambling heartache with the double-single release of “COPING/ACKNOWLEDGE ME”. It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry.

-I See Land. — “I See Land.” (WTR011)
After a year of revisions and shake ups, I See Land. came back with their self-titled album. The eight tracks reflect the changes the band has gone through as individuals and as a whole since the release of their previous album I’ll Probably Die Here. Through lineup changes and some big personal moments, I See Land. went back and embraced their DIY roots, and created an album that delivers a heavy sound that is radically different than their previous releases.

-Convenient, trash. — “Pooch” (WTR012)
After two years of waiting, Convenient, trash. released their second LP Pooch – 10 tracks focused on the anxiety of growing up and change. The band’s second LP was written over the course of the last year after losing three of the four original members, with an overall theme of losing touch with friends and facing our self-destructive tendencies head on.

-Arizona Landmine/Camp Life — “Split” (WTR013)
DIY powerhouses Arizona Landmine and Camp Life joined forces to release a tasty split, bridging two thriving music communities – Ames, IA and Austin, TX – with four alt-emo songs that definitely slap. The split delivers four songs that deal with these anxieties and help you accept the good/bad parts of your being. Don’t worry your pretty head… let them do it for you.


-We’re Trying Records & Tiny Table Talks Present: H*ck Fest
Last fall, we embarked on the first annual H*ck Fest – an Austin based DIY festival – with our friends in Tiny Table Talks. H*ck Fest encompassed 1 back yard, 2 stages, and 15 bands from the Live Music Capitol and beyond – featuring sets by Football etc., Slow and Steady, Kidlat Punch, and so many more.

-Emo Valentine’s Day w/ Emerald House
Our new LA friends at Emerald House co-hosted the first annual Emo Valentine’s Day Showcase. This house show was blessed with the talents of Celebrity Crush, Okay Embrace, Carols for Children, and Rose Dorn. It was the perfect event to be bummed with the one(s) you love.

-We’re Trying Records/Tiny Table Talks’ H*ck’n Day Party
We were back at SXSW this year with our second annual Day Party! Our friends in Tiny Table Talks helped us host 21 bands – including Strange Ranger, Kississippi, Retirement Party, and Prince Daddy & the Hyena – on two stages for nearly 12 hours of music to a packed Pearl St. and 21st. Street Co-Op.

-We’re Trying Records Presents: House Fest II
Our inaugural House Fest at Lucy’s Pub in Omaha, Nebraska, went so well we decided to do it again! House Fest II was comprised of the same treats – a two(ish) day created to bring local and regional bands/fans together under one roof (literally) – and was just as tasty. Thirty bands from 8 different states ascended up Lucy’s and melted faces for 21+ hours in, both, the garage and basement stages. Sponsors helped elevate this year’s show, which brought in $1,000 for Youth Emergency Services.


Sad Jams Template

s a d 🍓 j a m s

Screenshot 2018-09-01 09.16.09

Label Goodies

We don’t deserve the love any of you have showed us over the last three years, but are greatly appreciative. This label is a hodgepodge of good/terrible ideas, bands who create music they’re passionate about, and people who just want to do their part in making the DIY community as safe and great as it possibly can be. Over the next year, we hope to provide platforms that help all DIY artists grow and build up our communities.

If you’ve ever attended a show, listened to our tunes, or even gave us a second of your daily thoughts: Thank you. We love you. None of this would have any meaning without you.

– XOXO We’re Trying Records

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