Tie the Room Together with Kidlat’s “Motel Art”

Kidlat Press Photo

Almost four years removed from the release of their debut EP, Kidlat is back with a new single from the first LP Gettin’ Pretty – “Motel Art”.

The track is signature Kidlat with their sloppy – yet full – indie-punk sound, but something is a little different. “Motel Art” gives a taste of an album that is more socially and lyrically mature, and laced with twinkly and – at moments – folkish sounding guitars and harmonies.

Motel Art album art

Art by Whitney Chilton

“’Motel Art’ is kinda like having arguments in your head about things that you have no control over,” said vocalist/guitarist Josh Palacios. “At the end of it, you have to try to have a positive outlook for tomorrow.”

“Motel Art” is out now on all platforms with Gettin’ Pretty set to be released on December 14th. More goodies will be released before then…



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