Grappling with Self-Sabotaging Tendencies – Kidlat Releases New Album


The day is finally here! Our friends in Kidlat have released their first LP Gettin’ Pretty almost four years after their debut EP in 2015. This release is something special, and not just because of the beautifully, gut wrenching songs.

Gettin’ Pretty is culmination of hard work and the DIY spirit. And who better to explain these qualities and the records than the band themselves. Here’s what the album meant to the members of Kidlat:

“For me, this full length and all the work we put into it is a culmination of us growing both as people and musicians. It’s like the record we were destined to write. Each one of us are miles away from where we started, and I think we’re making the music we always wanted to listen to. I’m in love with this record, and still in awe of ourselves everyday. We started cramped into a tiny bedroom unsure of what we were doing and now here we are with this fucking kickass record.”

– Chris

“It’s crazy to think that the record is finished. A lot of these songs are at least a year old if not older, and we had been playing them live for some time. So to finally be able to listen back to them is a great feeling. I think we’re getting a brand new appreciation for these songs. For me personally I can hear a lot of growth on this record sonically and lyrically. Which is something that I think everyone strives for as life goes on. We’re all super proud of how it all ended up sounding. It’s nice having something polished and finished. Like a big red checkmark.”

– Alex

“It feels so surreal to finally be at this point as a collective. We’re very proud of these songs and how far we’ve come sonically. It feels so good to finally listen to these songs when a majority of them had been written a year and a half ago. There’s a lot of love in this record and it’s something we’ll always be able to keep.”

– Josh

“I don’t know how we do it, but we always seem to find a way to make our silly day dreams become a reality and this record is a great example. Actually, this band is an even better example. We went from DIY theatre kids to DIY rock gods just because we thought it would be fun. Okay, maybe not rock gods, but we feel very accomplished now that our first LP is done. This record is full of heart, hard work, and camaraderie, and I am so thankful to be apart of it all. Gettin’ Pretty is a beautiful example of the “do it together” mentality we bring into everything we do. We wouldn’t be the same people or create the same art without each other and that thought humbles me. I’m so thankful to be apart of the Kidlat collective and I’m so proud of the work we’ve created.”

– Olivia

Gettin’ Pretty is now available anywhere your heart desires. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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