Deep in the Heart of Texas; Sylvania Ave., Genius Christ, Record Setter Release New Split


What feels like a natural combination of great friends and even better tunes, we’ve been fortunate enough to release pairs of songs from Sylvania Ave., Genius Christ, and Record Setter over the last three weeks. Today we’re excited to released a three-way split in it’s entirety from some of Denton’s best bands.

As Record Setter’s Judy Mitchell recalls, the friendship between the bands started shortly after she moved to Denton. “We played a few shows with the Genius Christ guys when they were in I Am Clark Kent and Josh had been putting us on cool line ups or recommending us,” Judy said. “I met Dan from Sylvania on Reddit after we put out our first single from Purge,” she continued. “He got us some amazing shows, and we sorta just became close with both bands through the scene.”

The three bands continued to play together and eventually decided to release a split that goes beyond the simple commonalities of living in the same city. The six track album features a pair of songs from each band that coincidentally deal with loving yourself and others before it’s too late.

Sylvania Ave. starts the split off with “A Different Point of View” where the narrator of the song would do anything – even give their eyes – so their loved one can see themselves in a positive way. “As a band, we’ve always strived to be genuine, but we typically hold back,” Dillion Stanley from Sylvania Ave. noted. “These songs are different. They don’t hide anything.”

Genius Christ echoes the same sentiment with “Merchant of Doubt” and “Mind Sweeper”, two songs that urge people to not be so hard on themselves. “We don’t have a lot of time on this Earth,” Genius Christ’s Josh Wright explains. “And with this time we need to learn how to be compassionate towards ourselves.”

“Self of Steam” and “This Is Existing” by Record Setter end the EP with a focus on self care. “A major influence for theses songs is from my first year of transition,” Judy explained. “I thought that was going to cure all of my problems, but it’s not. I force myself to do the work all the time, and the only difference now is that I care enough about my life to truly try for once.”

Stream and follow the Sylvania Ave./Genius Christ/Record Setter’s split here, and tell someone you love them today.

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