Convenient, trash.

Convenient, trash.


Lansing, Michigan’s, indie/punk band – Convenient, trash. – was developed as a way for close friends to hang out and just have fun playing music. “We’ve gotten more serious lately, but we still strive to have as much fun as possible,” said frontman Logan Boyle. “I think it shows throughout our writing and during every show we play.”

The band made their debut with their very personal, self-titled album in 2016. Convenient, trash. wrenched on listener’s hearts as it was composed of songs that were written about family issues and questions we all ask ourselves. “Selfish Wonder” is a prime example. “I was thinking a lot about death during the time it [“Selfish Wonder”] was written,” Boyle said. “’If I passed who would show up at my funeral?’ was one questions I was obsessed with at the time and I’m sure everyone has asked it in their life, too.”

After a short hiatus, Convenient, trash. is making a comeback. This summer, the band plans on releasing Pooch – a fresh, 10 song LP through We’re Trying Records. Until then, indulge yourself in dad rock vibes with a their new singles “Bernard Actually Did Go To The Farm” and “Separation Anxiety”.


Keith Ellis

Blake Haw

Dalton Thorns

Logan Boyle



Convenient, trash. — Convenient, trash.

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