I Forgot To Love My Father

I Forgot To Love My Father

Photo by John Ficenec


I Forgot To Love My Father started in the small, Birmingham bedroom of frontman, JP Davis, as a solo, acoustic, side project. Early recordings would include any friends, family, or teachers that were willing to donate their time and efforts.

Since then, I Forgot To Love My Father has morphed into a collective whose sounds have been compared to Jeff Magnum and Julia Brown.  Their songs encompass a wide range of imagery, but in songs like “I Understand, I Can’t” and “I Don’t Have Friends, But My Friends Have Me,” specifically, issues of social anxiety and selfishness are addressed.

I Forgot To Love My Father’s latest release of Live on HNFM — a four song cassette featuring their performance on Hear Nebraska FM  — separates the band from their once acoustic existence by demonstrating their hefty new rock sound. The tape opens with a roar of screeching guitars in “A Blues Song” and proceeds to cover the essentials of all great cassette releases: edgy bummer jams and country love tunes. Live on HNFM is limited to 100 copies and is now available at our store!


JP Davis

Jim Rhian

Mike Rhian

Robert Specht

Marina Kushner

 Miles Jasnowski

David Tysdal







“It opens with “;__;” (a crying face), a choral refrain that could be a To Be Close To You outtake. Much of the record calls to mind Sam Ray’s particular style of bedroom pop, or whatever you want to name it. The major difference is that IFTLMF is overtly forlorn, direct with its sadness, with Davis calling out from a place of despair and needing to be heard. “Real/Genuine” takes Neutral Milk Hotel-worthy imagery and translates it into an acoustic anti-ballad, built over a swell of open noise.”

Funeral Sounds

“Its type of folksy, expressive, thoughtful indie rock allows it to spread out in art galleries, play a formal at Duffy’s Tavern or adorn themselves in hard rock garb as they dance into the crowd with a bluegrass band — not to mention Davis crowdsurfing in a coffeeshop. That the band has a way of injecting a faint whiff of showmanship into songs that feature desperation, longing and that sweaty-palm feeling gives them agency to play in most settings.”

Hear Nebraska




I Forgot To Love My Father — Live on HNFM

2016 | We’re Trying Records




Lotus Leaves:IFTLMF

I Forgot To Love My Father — Lotus Leaves/IFTLMF Split

2014 | Independent Release



I Forgot To Love my Father

I Forgot To Love My Father — I Forgot To Love My Father

2014 | Independent Release



Q Family:IFTLMF Split

I Forgot To Love My Father — Q Family/IFTLMF Split                 

2013 | Independent Release