I See Land.



New Braunfels’ emotive hardcore band I See Land. started as a platform to release recording projects. In November 2015, this group of high school friends turned these projects into Everything I Missed About This Place. – the band’s first EP.

Everything I Missed About This Place. is a collection of songs developed from the shared experiences of each member, and was mixed and mastered by Sorority Noise/Old Gray‘s Cam Boucher. The harsh lyrics paired with the dream-like instrumentals causes the band and listeners to fall into a nostalgic emotional state. With fond and hurtful memories all the same, the lyrics of the EP implore us to move forward.

Despite a fast start for this young band, the group remained dormant until the summer of 2016 where they performed their first ever show at We’re Trying’s Summer Slam. From then on, the band has grown exponentially. With 30+ shows and their first national tour under their belt, the band is in the process of working on their second EP.

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John Cook

Austin Schaffer

Josh Castellano

Tanner Moore

Joey Molina



Everything I Missed About This Place. is an adventure, a journey through a genre that’s been through multiple revivals and definitions. I See Land. captures all of it in the same post-rock style that many bands tried to duplicate. Every track flows together so well, it’s almost dream like to listen on repeat. While you fall into the instrumental, your brain tries to pick apart the stories within the music creating a mental theater of nostalgia and all those memories we’d thought we’d forgotten. With the recent revival in the emo/post-rock genre in Texas, it’s an incredible surprise to find a band that has so much potential to carry a scene.”

Polaris DIY 


unnamed 7.26.33 PM

I See Land. — I’ll Probably Die Here

2017 | We’re Trying Records





I See Land. — Everything I Missed About This Place.

2016 | Independent Release