Kidlat Punch

Kidlat Punch


Ever since high school, the idea of starting a band had been something of folklore for friends Alex, Chris, and Josh. It wasn’t until years later that the three reunited on UT-Austin’s campus and met Olivia — current bassist — in a theater organization. The group spent every theatrical practice talking about their favorite bands and how cool it would be to start one of their own. Eventually, all of the talking turned into reality with the start of Kidlat Punch.

The band’s sloppy spin on indie rock paired with their coming-of-age punk-rock mannerisms manifested itself into their debut EP … if only we could here them. The very personal and story driven EP is compiled of songs that describe different moments in each member’s life, or aspects of their personalities that they want to change.

In “Villains/Victims,” listeners can hear Alex’s fear of confrontation when the lyrics jump around from fights to conflicts, but in the end nothing is solved. Josh’s “Back to January” looks at a relationship between two people and how they realized they never did any of the stuff they planned on doing together. Ultimately, the song simultaneously serves as a goodbye and longing for that someone.

Kidlat Punch is in the beginning stages of writing their next album. Until then, enjoy …if only we could hear them, for free, here.


Alex Villarreal

Josh Palacios

Chris Tacderas

Olivia DeBeck







“The [new] songs are fantastic, each occupying the ragged, poppy musical territory the band marked for their own this summer on their debut EP, “…if only we could hear them.” They experiment with new grooves, tempos and dynamics in a way that sounds both deliberate and confident, like gunning the engine down an empty stretch of highway. Nobody can say where that highway will go, but if Kidlat Punch are on it, chances are it’s a road worth taking.”

Orange Magazine



a3552617181_2Kidlat Punch/The Smile Bunch — The Bunch Punch EP

2016 | We’re Trying Records

...if only we could hear them

Kidlat Punch — …if only we could here them

2015 | Independent Release