Marrowstone Island, WA, has always held a special place in Zach Baker’s heart. For him, it’s a place that symbolizes coming of age and all of the struggles associated with it. So it was only fitting that he change the sound and name of his once pop punk band to something that represents the direction the music was taking. Thus, Marrowstone was born. Since the change last January, Legacy Bonner and Dylan Thomas have joined the group and heavier material has followed.

This material can be heard in band’s new release Dear Wolf,. The EP is compiled of five songs written towards a wolf Baker would see for days on end while battling depression. The constant pleas to God for new hope and a longing for a friend who is too far gone, all contained over haunting ambient guitar chords, will hit listeners at their core. Hear for yourself by downloading Dear Wolf, for free, here.


Zachariah Baker

Legacy Bonner

Dylan Thomas

Gabriel Hinchey






“Similar to bands like Touché Amoré and Citizen, Marrowstone’s sound is defined by harsh and raw vocals, ambient and rhythmic guitars and an intense and straightforward drumming style. Marrowstone’s songs hit hard and demand recognition.”

– Northwest Music Scene

“The perfect blend of melody and raw emotion is hard to find but it’s exactly why this is one of the band’s you need to be paying attention to. The accompanying music video proves this is a band with an awesome live presence. It makes you want to stage dive while screaming with Zach Baker (vocalist).”

Teal Cheese



Marrowstone — Dear Wolf

2016 | We’re Trying Records