Mighty Ships

Mighty Ships

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The post-rock trio — Mighty Ships — started as a solo project of frontman, Tyler Bachman, in Normal, Illinois. In-between bands, Tyler started writing music in the style he always wanted play. With a little bit of Christmas money and some help from his friend — and current bassist — Harry, Tyler took the two best songs into a studio and recorded them with a full band.

Those two songs now make up Mighty Ships’ first demo album Awakening. For both Tyler and Harry, this album symbolized the beginning of something new.  Neither of them were entirely sure what people would think of the songs, but it has been a year since the songs were released. Now, every person who attends their basement shows knows all the words.

Last September, the group released their first album The Coastal Midwest. Download it for free here.


Tyler Bachman

Harrison O’Brein

Charlie Morrison

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“With an anthemic sound, Mighty Ships have a sound that incorporates many layers to give their songs a heavy feel to them. With masses of crunchy guitars and powerful vocals and harmonies, there is an alternative edge to their music, with touches of garage and a hint of punk pop to make a powerful debut for Mighty Ships.”

Rock and Roll Creations

“What could easily be mistaken for giving up is, rather, the strength to put one’s foot down and say enough is  enough. And it’s this change of direction that makes “The Coastal Midwest” a breath of fresh air in a scene typically drowning in self-pity and doubt. Sure, those feelings may still be there at the end of the day, but what’s decided on through the course of this five-song journey of self-actualization is to stop carrying the weight of guilt.”

Hank Bieber



The Coastal Midwest

Mighty Ships — The Coastal Midwest

2015 | We’re Trying Records

Mighty Ships — Awakening

2014 | Independent Release