Super Ghost

Super Ghost

Photo by JP Davis


Hailing from Omaha, Super Ghost is a four-piece, post-rock band whose sound has been compared to the likes of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. While studying music in Minneapolis, these four dudes developed a relationship — and band — that made them want to play music together until the day they die.

Currently, Super Ghost has released their Metropolis Demos, which gives listeners an inside feeling of the band’s periods of self-loathing, questioning of God’s existence, or rough patches in some of their relationships.

The group’s latest release — Sultan of Swat: Lo-Fi Tape #1 — is the first in a series of limited lo-fi tapes and features four, unmastered songs that will give listeners a big emotional response. Super Ghost’s first EP McFly is being finished up and will be released mid-2016. Until then, watch Super Ghost perform “Sun Bear” and check out all of their music on Bandcamp.


Jake Newbold

Patrick Stutzman

Jim Rhian

Jon Banker






“Technically tight, smart compositions with insidious solos and counter melodies, Super Ghost was a pleasant surprise, a remarkable new band whose sound has a shimmering drama and musicality that at times recalled early Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. as much as those emo heroes they no doubt adore.”


“Super Ghost’s latest track, “Railroad Spikes,” is made up of Newbold’s lyrics which remain starkly honest while confronting the faults of a friend and in himself. If this is anything like the rest of their upcoming release — McFly — it punctuates the band’s upward swing with its most distilled effort to date.”

Hear Nebraska



Sultan of Swat: Lo-Fi Tape #1

Super Ghost — Sultan of Swat: Lo-Fi Tape #1

2015 | We’re Trying Records



Metropolis Demos

Super Ghost — Metropolis Demos

2014 | Independent Release

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