The Way Out


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Ashland, Nebraska’s, The Way Out began forming in 2012 when – then middle schoolers – Levi Hagen and Mari Crisler used rehearsing shotty Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana covers to escape the qualms of life. Despite several guitarists and numerous name changes, the two stuck together and found the current lineup with the Reed Tiwald and Nick Ulrich. The band’s creative concoction of influences and ability to seamlessly interchange instruments amongst themselves  mid-set has led to their distinct sound, which debut in their first release Good Grief.

Good Grief set the bar high, but the band hit back hard with their recent LP Automatic Writing. The band’s second LP was written using a Freudian technique – automatic writing – through which one writes without using the conscious mind, by just letting their pen move at the whim of their subconscious. The collection of songs is about perspective-altering experiences that focus on growth, and is to be seen as a continuation of, and a maturation from their previous work.

The video for “Cops” – the first single from Automatic Writing – can be seen here, while the entire album can be snagged here.


Mari Crisler

Reed Tiwald

Levi Hagen

Nick Ulrich






“The Ashland four piece is relatively new, its members — Crisler, Levi Hagen, Reed Tiwald and Nick Ulrich— all still teenagers. Yet already they’ve played together for most of the past five years, through Rock Academy and Omaha’s BluesEd program.

The resulting chemistry is apparent throughout Good Grief. Merging contemporary indie rock and classic pop-punk, the quartet navigates rhythm and tempo changes on the strength of its mobile rhythm section, sparkplug leads and Hagen’s and Crisler’s low-end harmonies. Topped off with production by (now Nebraska ex-pat) Jeremy Wurst — a practitioner of the genre himself with Giant’s Arrow — and the EP makes for a smart, spunky debut effort.”

Hear Nebraska




The Way Out — Automatic Writing

2017 | We’re Trying Records




The Way Out - Good Grief - cover

The Way Out — Good Grief 

2016 | Independent Release